Histery of Geraldle.com

2002: Geraldle.com First started out on Tripod It ran on tripod for 2 years from 2002-2003. The domain was bought first why we where still at Tripod using a paid tripod account. The domain expired do to lack of donations.
2004: The Webpage moved from tripod to a privet server in Josh Canning's Living room where it stayed for a time fame that he dose not remember. (probubly only 1 year)
2008: ??? After that the webpage was moved to a server owned by a fan of Geraldle (name withheld unless he wants me to publish it.) The Domain was once again in use on this server. The webpage to this day is still on that server. (2008 is listed on the timeline as it's the first email stored on my computer from this host it could be off by a few years.)