USD Credits: 86.94
Credited Time: +4h 21m

(02/13/2010) :: has received a donation of $100.00 ($96.80 USD) paypal took $3.20 USD in fees. Geraldle has been credited with 4.84 hours. (4 hours and 51 minutes)

(01/18/2010) :: owes $9.86 for the coding and formating of Gwell, Kit, baron seeker, and Statue. When the past dew is $20 or more I will stop coding and wait for donations / payments before doing any more coding.

To Donate to You can send an email to Josh Canning at asking how to send the money or you can send money vea Paypal to

Paypal: Please only donations of $5-$10 dollors or more. Paypal will eat anything lower then that in fees. (fees will NOT be applyed to the Geraldle balance So please do not send anything lower then $5)

I am not rich, I have bills that need paying. I simply can not affored to dedicate time to when I could be putting that time into a webpage that 'is' paying me.