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The "New" is here!

Welcome to 2010 and welcome to the new! How is this site different from the old The complete lack of php code for one it's all html. Why is it all html now? Well now if something server side is changed it will not effect the webpage as HTML is the baseline code, it can't brake. . . well not easy anyway.

There are a few things I need to explain. First is the new [Download] Option you will see for almost all stories. You can now download the original .doc that Geraldle sends me. I Zip if in the form of a RAR file to save room on the server and save bandwidth on are downloads. You can get a free rar decompiler at

Why do some stories not have the download option? Those stories are not updated they are the Old version that I salvaged from the old webpage. I no longer have an original for you to download, sorry. On the Plus side this makes it easier for you to see what story has and has not been updated since the change over to the new webpage!

Changes as of 2010

For a long while now I have charged all my clients $10 a month retainer fee. A retainer fee is just that, a fee for people to retain my services whether or not I code anything that month or not does not matter. I have not changed Geraldle my normal hourly rate of $20 an hour for labor. However with the way the economy is I can not afford to continue to do that.

Starting today (Jan 1, 2010) I will no longer be able to wave my labor fee. However being a free webpage I will be taking donations from the visitors of the webpage so that geraldle dose not have to bear the full brunt of the labor fees.

I will withhold all updates geraldle sends me untill my hourly rate is covered. I will however update the news page letting people know when I have an update. For $20 I can get 4 or 5 stories coded and uploaded. You can track how much has been donated and how much time geraldle has for codeing from the new donation page.